50-Day Challenge

Commit to a simple step of changing the world. It’s easy: for 50 days, simplify your life. Save at least $1 a day, and at the end of 50 days, donate your savings to provide clean water for the poorest communities in the world. Out of your overflow, pour into communities in need. It's that simple.


Set aside something that isn’t necessary. Or even something that is. Give up coffee. Change your own oil. Host a yard sale. Grow your own food. Walk or bike more. Get creative, and make sacrifices.


100% of all proceeds donated for the 50-Day Challenge will support constructing wells and rainwater catchment systems and providing basic sanitation and hygiene resources through our partnership with World Concern.


Engage locally and globally. Change starts with the way you live, and when you change, so can your community. Through this project lives around the world will be transformed by clean, safe water.

Welcome to the challenge!

We're excited to join you as you simplify, give, and change.

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Why Water?

Clean water is fundamental for human life and a foundation for community improvement, including health, education, and economic development. Without clean water, a community cannot develop. But with it, people have a real chance to fulfill their potential. Clean water can change everything.

Water jug in a current water source.

Water is more than H2O

Water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) solutions help close the cycle of disease in a community. Inability to access clean water makes even the simple act of washing your hands an impossible task. Nearly 90% of all diseases are caused by poor hygiene, inadequate sanitation, and unsafe drinking water.
Living Water International
Photo credit: World Concern

Young girl in Myanmar.

Water is Life

The United Nations Development Program says clean water is among the most powerful preventive ways to reduce child mortality. The availability of clean water in a rural village reduces infant mortality by 35 to 50 percent, at a cost of roughly $10 per person per year.
World Health Organization
Photo credit: World Concern

Woman filling water containers.

Access is Everything

Research in Uganda found households spending on average 660 hours a year collecting water. This represents two full months of labor, with attendant opportunity costs for education, income generation, and female leisure time.
United Nations Development Program, 2006
Photo credit: World Concern


Ideas for how to simplify

Need help taking the first step of the 50-Day Challenge? Here are several ways you can simplify your life.

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