Wild Goose (East) 2012

From June 21 to 24 Wolt attended the Wild Goose Festival in Sharoki Hills, North Carolina (about an hour out from the Raleigh – Durham area) to help spread the word about The Overflow Project. This was no ordinary festival. People gathered together about re-imagining new ways for the future, and ways where American dreams include justice and peace for the world. The Overflow Project shared a booth at the festival with friends from Seattle – Tom & Christine Sine from Mustard Seed Associates.

We caught up with Wolt after returning to Seattle and he shared a few thoughts:

“I was surprised often at Wild Goose (East), and not always in a good way! For example, the first night I arrived at the festival, I couldn’t sleep because of the humidity and at midnight temperatures still hovering around 80 degrees. Right when I started to doze off I was awoken by banging drums and rave dance music! On the flip side, the next evening I stumbled across a talk by Shane Claiborne about Iraq. He and a few close friends shared stories of how a group Iraqi Muslims, while being bombed by America, saved their lives. I was moved by the stories and grace. These stories are captured in a book (I recommend it) called Gospel of Rutba.”

“I met incredible folks, too. Mark Scandrette from a community Re-Imagine in San Francisco is writing a book about living simply. Bryan Berghoef is traveling the country with his wife and children sharing about pub theology.  Maggie Mraz is planting a church caring for the people on the streets in Durham, NC. There were many more.”

“The venue was a great space to share our story and invite others to join in the next 50-day Challenge. Most people I met were interested in wanting to be part of supporting clean water projects and changing lives.”

We hope to get a group together from The Overflow Project to attend Wild Goose (WEST) 2012 – Aug 31 – Sept 2nd in Benton County, OR. Contact us if you would be interested in joining.

Here’s a link to Wolt’s photo album if you want to view more photos from the festival!